Nao, Nostalgia (Producer / Writer)


Kidepo, August In New York (Producer / Writer)


Nao, In The Morning (Producer / Writer)


Soleima, STFU (Producer / Writer)


Kasai, Pretty Boys (Producer / Writer)


Gundelach, Garden (Producer / Writer)


Nao, For All We Know (Producer / Writer)


Celeste, Milk & Honey (Producer / Writer)


Aeris Roves, Best Dressed Man (Writer / Producer)



John Calvert is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Native Studios, Brockley, London.

John started his career as a producer in 2014 after a day jamming with fellow session musician Nao produced better-than-expected results. The first tracks they ever wrote together (Nao's Back Porch, In The Morning and Take Control of You) prompted Native Management to begin representing them both and the success of Nao's early releases allowed them both to concentrate on writing and production full time. John has since contributed production and writing to all of Nao's longform releases and worked as MD for her band for their first 3 tours.

John's first full album as a producer was Ghostpoet's Mercury-nominated Shedding Skin, an album he recorded in full and played many of the instruments on. He also worked as Ghostpoet's MD and bass player for several tours, cementing his reputation as an all-round musician, producer and organiser. 

With a full service studio - inc vocal booth, drum booth, multiple analogue synths and control room - John is able to take on a wide rang of production and engineering jobs. Whether it is string arrangement and recording for Mura Masa's Love For That, mixing for Jadu Heart or detailed drum tracking for Adam Betts' Colossal Squid album, John has the skills and environment to deliver at the highest level.

Production and songwriting take equal billing for John and recent writing credits in addition to Nao include 11 songs from Bonzai's first 3 EPs (Columbia), Soleima's Cracks & STFU (Warner Bros), Jodie Abacus' debut album (Ministry of Sound), Gundelach's EP (U OK), Chrystal's debut single Waves (37 Adventures) & Celeste's debut single The Milk & Honey (Warner Bros). 

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Ghostpoet, Shedding Skin (Album Producer)


Michl, Pulse (Producer / Writer)


Halia Jack, Waited Long Enough (Producer)


Mae Muller, After Hours (Producer / Writer)


Nao, February 15 (Producer / Writer)

Lunacy Cover Final.jpg

Bonzai, Lunacy (Producer / Writer)


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  • Mics: Coles 4038 ribbon x2 (matched pair) , Rode NT2-A, Audio Technica AT4033a, SE Electronics Gemini, AKG D24, AKG 90S, Audix D6, Shure, SM7B, Shure SM58 x3, Shure SM57 x3 

  • Outboard: RME Fireface x2, Universal Audio 2-610 preamp, Focusrite ISA 428, Focusrite ISA Two, Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo, Alesis Mictube Solo 

  • Guitars: Fender Telecaster USA, Yamaha acoustic, Ashbury banjo, Lanikai ukelele 

  • Bass Guitars: Fender Precision Japan '62 re-issue, Musicman Sabre 1978, Lakland 55-02, Kala U-Bass Bubinga, Aria Pro II Magna fretless 5-string, Columbus Jazz 1977, Squier Precision Indonesia 

  • Keyboards: DSI Prophet 8, Wurlitzer, Korg MS20M, DSI Prophet 08, Roland MC-202 (retrofit CV), Elektron Monomachine, Wurlitzer electric piano, Moog Slim Phatty x2, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca Sample, Waldorf Pulse, Casio VL-1 x2, M-Audio Axiom 49, M-Audio Keystation mini32, Kenton Pro Solo Mkii 

  • Pedals: Moog MF-101, Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress, Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi, Korg Miku, Boss Bass OD, Blues Driver, OC-3 + more 

  • Amplifiers: Roland Jazz Chorus 120, Fender DeVille, Ashdown EVOII 500, Ashdown 4x10 cabinet, Ampeg BA115 

  • Software: Ableton Live, Logic X, Waves Platinum (+more), Soundtoys 5, Celemony Melodyne, Antares Autotune 8, iZotope RX, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Novation Bass Station + V-Station, Focusrite Midnight suite 

  • Drums: Yamaha Stage Custom drum set 

  • Misc: Ableton Push, Premier Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Hohner melodica, Various shakers/tambourines